Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Amazons From Beyond Space: Episode 2-Escape from the Warrior Women

Here's the latest scenario for AFBS. I'll post results when I have a chance to play it.

Amazons From beyond Space: Episode 2-
Escape from the Warrior Women

The Amazons have rounded up all the USDF men and have locked them up in a small corral on the edge of the royal forest. They are camped on a Limestone formation which runs next to the forest. The corral is a natural rock formation which the amazons have decided to use for their purposes. In this case it means keeping the captives secure without the necessity of having to tie them up.
After posting Prothoe at the entrance to the corral, the Amazons decide to bed down for the night. The Queen is camping to one side of the corral with the two spear wielders, the remainder of the amazons to the other. There is a small five burning in the midst of the camp to keep away any predatory animals. Prothoe is supposed to be relieved by Tekmessa in a few hours.
The Queen has instructed her women not to mess with the captured males. She is curious as to where they came from and why these odd men didn't flee from the tiger. She wants them examined by the elders of her court. There have been rumors circulating from other Amazon cities about strange men who appeared after weird lights were seen in the sky at night. In every case the men fled when the city watch attempted to capture them. They were never seen again.
The UDSF team realizes they have a chance to escape. The two black box recorders, as well as several other objects, were confiscated by the Amazons soon after the men were captured. The queen wants to take them with her to the city of Hera for further study. Likewise, the five stunners and Commander Hammer's ray gun are stashed among the Amazons’ baggage. If one of them can sneak out of the enclosure and find the weapons, the Amazons won't be much of a problem. Then all they'll have to do is use the remote control for the orbiting spaceship to bring it back down, load themselves (with the black box recorders) on board, and get off the asteroid. Although they didn't see the Amazons bring it along, the men figure the remote control to the ship is in the camp or nearby.
The problem is getting out of the corral. But Prothoe has shown an unusual amount of interest in Technician Jimmy Wonder. She was visibly agitated when the queen ordered her to relinquish him to the other captives. What the men don’t know is that the Amazons have a rule regarding the capture of wild males: he belongs to the first woman who claims him; only the queen can override this rule, which she has already done. Deprived of a young and healthy catch, Prothoe can only simmer with rage. Normally, she'd never consider violating an order from the queen. But if Her Majesty doesn't know….
Dr. Klock has figured out the Amazons speak a variation of ancient Greek, a language in which he is fluent. He's taught Jimmy a few basic phrases guaranteed to drive Prothroe wild with ecstasy. At least, they’re supposed to work. They've noted her eyeing Jimmy through the gate to the enclosure. Commander Hammer has ordered Jimmy to get her to unlock the gate, sneak the key away, and toss it back to them. Then they'll wait until he takes the Amazon behind the nearest rock to seduce her. If all goes according to plan, Commander Hammer and Captain Mitchell will sneak out of the enclosure and locate the weapons.
This assumes everything will go according to plan…..

The Game Board
The Game board consists of a 2’X 2’ board. The board represents a limestone rock surface at the edge of the forest where the UDSF men were captured. Toward the back of the board is a naturally-occurring rock formation that the Amazons are using to imprison the men. Small rock outcroppings and boulders may provide a limited degree of cover.

The same as in Scenario #1, with the exception of the Arslan 500 robot and the tiger (dead).

The UDSF team has been imprisoned in the corral. Prothoe has been given the responsibility of guarding the males. Off to one side, about 45 degrees, the queen is camping with the two spear women, Arisbe and Myrene. It is assumed the queen and her two attendants are bedded down for the night. Also near the corral are the rest of the amazons. There is a small fire burning in the middle or the camp to keep away wild animals. The weapons and black boxes are stashed in several packs, but the men don't know which one.

Victory Conditions
The UDSF team must escape from the clutches of the Amazons with the black box recorders. The Amazons need to stop any break-outs.

Encounter Cards
The encounter markers are placed in or near the campsite. They represent the baggage brought along by the Amazons.

Ace- Commander Hammers ray gun.
Two-Three stunners.
Three-The remaining two stunners.
Four-The first blade box recorder.
Five- The Second black box recorder.
Six- Spare container of water.
Seven- An empty chest which markers a loud creak when opened, waking any Amazon two inches from it.
Eight- A chunk of metal from the crash which interested the queen.
Nine -An empty box, but the character that opens it makes enough noise to wake all the Amazons.
Ten- The remote controls for the orbiting spaceship.

Special Rules
# 1- Since Prothoe is fixated on Tony Wonder, he is allowed to make a seduction.
# 2- Any UDSF team member passing less than 1 inch from a sleeping Amazon risks waking her. To that end, the Amazon must make an “alert” test. If the D10 dice rolls 1-5, the Amazon is considered woken.

#3- If any single Amazon raises an alarm, all Amazons are considered to be awake on the next Amazon turn.

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