Monday, February 8, 2010

Amazons From Beyond Space: Chapter 1- Encounter At Femina

The first encounter between the United Democracies Space Force team and the amazon warriors didn't go too well for the men.
There were only two players in this scenario: myself (the UDSF team) and my wife (the amazons of course).
Once both sides emerged from the clearing, they made a cautious advance toward each other. The amazons couldn't believe their luck in finding so many feral males. The UDSF team noted the stream was between them and the crash site and hurried to pick through the rubble for the black box recorders. The amazons stopped to examine the crash site as well, puzzling why the gods would strike their world in such a fashion. Might it have something to do with these strange males?
The amazons were the first to discover a black box recorder, but discarded it as being useless. From the other side of the stream, the UDSF team saw them drop what they were trying to get. Instantly, Commander Hammer ordered his men to go after that box. This proved a little difficult as the encounter turned into a melee with amazons jumping across the stream, eager to be the first one to claim a quarry.
But before anything could reach the fisticuffs stage, a saber tooth tiger made an appearance on top of the largest hill. Most of the amazons were still on the tiger side of the stream and began shooting or throwing at it with what they had. The tiger, being a rather huge and deadly mammal, manged to wound one of the amazons before she could retreat. The UDSF team began firing at it with their stunners, but the beast avoided the rays. Engineer Scott activated the robot, discovered earlier in the crash site, and had it slam into the tiger a few times. All this did was create one really pissed-off tiger which ignored the robot. It took a combined volley of arrows and spear thrusts from the amazons to put the tiger down.
The amazons again puzzled over these strange men who actually attacked the tiger with stranger weapons. But they crossed the stream anyway, this time in force, and went for the men.
Although the UDSF team immobilized several of the amazons with stunners, the others quickly took the initiative and captured all of the military men on the team. When engineer Scott and Dr. Klock found themselves surrounded, they dropped their stunners and surrendered. It seemed like a better idea to plan an escape later.
The top photo shows engineer Scott and Dr. Klock surrounded by amazons. One spear-wielding woman is down from a stunner charge, but it won't last much longer. The middle photograph is that of the space probe crash site. The bottom pic shows the dead tiger after several amazons have killed it. From across the stream the UDSF team can be seen with their stunners ready.
What fate awaits the heroic men of The United Democracies Space Force at the hands of these fierce amazons? Will they manage to escape and bring their space ship back to the Femina planetoid? And what about the Arslan 5000 robot?
Turn in to the next exciting adventure!

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