Wednesday, July 21, 2010

AFBS: Maze of Madness- The Story

The Red Wolf, Lois Green, and Johnny Smith entered the maze from the southern end. The communists (Avantgardia, Ardano, and George) from the northern. Both sides were aware that the other team might be in the maze looking for the treasure, so it was a good idea to keep quiet. Although they entered the maze at midnight, it was a full moon, allowing them the ability to read the map and find the possible treasure locations. Both George and Jimmy held shovels. It was also a good idea to stay quiet so as not to alert Sir Moosely, who was up late studying his copy of Man and Superman.
Avantgardia got a little ahead of herself at the start and explored a corridor directly in front of her, while sending her men off to dig at the first location on their side of the maze. By the time she's returned, the guys had dug down three feet and found absolutely nothing. Undaunted, they entered the first cul-de-sac of the maze and started digging at a new location. This produced the tablet with the control word for the slug. Although the communists weren't exactly sure what the purpose of the tablet was, Avantgardia ordered George to hang on to it.
The Red Wolf team was lucky to discover a clip of 0.45 ammo at the first location where they dug. Since only The Red Wolf was carrying such a pistol, Johnny gave it to him. They moved onto the next spot on the map.
This time The Red Wolf team was lucky. Johnny Smith heard a loud "clunk!" as the shovel smacked into a solid object. Even in the moonlight it was possible to see a large chunk of melted gold metal: Abbot Basil had melted all his monastery's treasury into one solid mass.
But the next sound was that of the awakened Stygian slug. The creature roared and lunged at Johnny, severely wounding him in the torso. The young kid fought like a cornered alley rat with his shovel, but the slug wounded him in the leg. It took the combined fire power of Lois and the Red Wolf's pistols to finally kill the slug.
By the time the gunfire subsided, Sir Moosley was running into the maze with his service revolver. He ran smack into the communists who were on they way out of the cul-de-sac. A fierce gun battle erupted in which the aging fascist took a hit to the leg. Rather than waste more time and bullets, Ardano attempted to convince Sir Moosley they were agents of Hitler, who were hiding from a mob of undermen. Sir Moosley was convinced (never was too bright), and limped along after the communists in the direction of the Red Wolf party's gunfire.
However, The Red Wolf and Lois were able to drag the gold out of the maze before the communists could meet-up with them. Johnny Smith made it out as well.

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