Tuesday, February 16, 2010

AFBS: Episode 2-Escape from the Warrior Women- AAR part 3.

And now we come to the actual battle report.
As the opening, the Amazons were camped in two separate groups next to the fire. The queen with her two spear wielders, the remainder on the other side of the fire. Prothoe was given first watch at guarding the corral, closed with a makeshift gate.
As with the plan, Technician Jimmy Wonder was able to get Prothoe to let him out of the corral for a little extra-circular activity. He also slipped the key to the gate from her. He then tossed it back to the rest of the team, who were pretending to sleep. With his suave skills Jimmy convenienced her to go behind the rock next to the corral and get to know each other better.
Myrene, one of the spear wielders, suddenly awoke and noticed Prothoe walking away from the corral with her paramour. She was unable to wake her spear sister Andromeda, so she decided to follow the two and see what the hell was going on.
Meanwhile, Lt. Jake Nero managed to slip out of the corral, only to run square into Myrene, who was following the Prothoe and Jimmy Wonder. A brief scuffle occurred with Jake Nero getting pushed back into the corral.
Over behind the rock, Jimmy Wonder said the words taught to him by Dr. Klock into Prothoe's ear. The seduction was successful. However, she wasn't happy about the outcome (Note to Jimmy: next time bring flowers). Prothoe knocked Jimmy down and tied him up. Giving her cab fair just won't fly on the Femina planetoid.
Next, Jack Nero attacked Myrene a second time by leaping over the gate. Now he was able to disarm and secure her. Unfortunately, Prothoe was coming around the rock, dragging the squirming form of Jimmy Wonder along. Prothoe dropped Jimmy Wonder and ran in pursuit of Jake Nero. Another scuffle took place, this time between Prothoe and Nero, where he was able to subdue and tie her up.
It didn't take long for all the Amazons to wake up, with the noise caused by Jake Nero and Jimmy Wonder (who managed to untie his bonds) rummaging through all the Amazon's baggage looking for their weapons. Jimmy caused no small amount of havoc when he found Commander Hammer's ray gun. He managed to use up it's batteries by trying to frighten the Amazons away with a suppressing fire. It didn't work too well since the Amazons had no idea what the ray gun was or what it could do.
Note to future Star Command characters: if you are going to point a ray gun, shoot to kill.
A whole free-for-all soon erupted at the campsite with UDSF team members fleeing from the corral and smacking it out with Amazons. Eventually, the stunners were uncovered in the baggage train and those UDSF men who had them started stunning the Amazons.
Which didn't change things too much since the stunners effect is temporary. The Amazons would eventually recover from the stun charge and swing back into action.
The episode ended with all the UDSF men captured, secured and under control of the Amazons. Dr. Klock fled the corral toward the end and tried to make a run for it, but one of the Amazons quickly captured him. He was knocked back into the corral with Andromeda on guard.
Now the queen is not in a good mood, having been awoke in the middle of the night. Furthermore Andromeda spotted Prothoe wondering off with her little boy toy, leaving the males unguarded. There will be much explaining to do.
Obviously, the Amazons are not so easily fooled by subtle escape attempts. They won't be so lax about leaving the males unguarded the next time.
What strange adventures await the men of the United Democracies Space Force? How will they be dealt with when they arrive at the Amazon city? And what about Sally, the girl next door?
Tune in for our next exciting episode, Terror is a Woman.

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